Welcome to Fotoguy's online fine art gallery. Here you will find a variety of genres of fine art to fit just about any decor. You'll find scenic and nature shots including sunsets, sunrises, lightning, animals, birds, bugs, some botanical images. You'll find some cityscape and landscape images, as well as some portraits of some of the models I work with.

Please be aware that there will be a premium added to those images depicting a model, as I pay my models for the privilege of being able to make money off their images...I always treat my models extremely well because I want to maintain a working relationship with them. Therefore, if I make money, then they need to make money too. Frogs, deer, turtles and dragonflies, mountains, sunsets, trees and lakes and such, they don't need to be paid LOL, but my models do. So just be prepared to pay a bit more for a model pic.

I'm a country boy and so a lot of my photography reflects that, but not all of it. And while the majority of my work is more along traditional lines, some of it is more modern too. So browse the gallery, enjoy the images and hopefully you'll find a few that you simply cannot live without! When that happens, you know what to do!