Thomas E.Pierce

After obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design at Kingston College of art, Kingston-upon-Thames,Surrey England -in 1966 Pierce emigrated to Canada to work as a Store designer where he also obtained a BA in Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto.Division of Extension (1974).
Moving to the United States in 1977 to work as an Architectural Interior Designer and store Planner with major Retail Stores Pierce had the opportunity to design and plan new stores and renovations and also produce visuals and Interior Renderings for presentations.
Throughout adult life Pierce has sketched and painted and many of his works are privately owned in The UK, Vancouver and Toronto,Canada, Trinidad,W.I., and The United States.

Painting mostly in oils on canvas the artist prefers to create compositions in the Realistic and Impressionist Styles depicting human activity within Architectural and Environmental themes , historical or contemporary.