Priyam Maji Art Collections

Priyam Maji Art Collections

It was fun turned to hobby at the beginning. Started with a simple hot-shot roll camera at the age of nine. After completion of Advertising Management ,Commercial Art, Creative Writing and Multimedia Course, Priyam started his career as a Creative Visualizer and Graphic Artist in Advertising Agency. In 2005, he operated a digital SLR for an agency just to click a few POP outlet, which was not at all so called professional photography account, but he found himself questioning seriously- how photos was lit, composed and exposed. Since then he became so interested that he bought his own professional camera and started experimenting with people and nature. He became a professional photographer, but only after completion of Photography Course from the Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai. Also have had the great privilege in assisting one of the leading photographer in India - Ronnie Sequeira.

His work, a passion-driven evolution of raw talent, has so far rewarded him with something he valued more than all the accounts he have: professional relationship and good friends. That is why trust remains the foundation of everything he does. He acknowledge talent, but believe in hard work. Creativity that surpasses pure technical perfection.

Today, years later, his passion remains fashion, people and products. So to say, he is an artist turned photographer.

Priyam shoot with Canon 5D Mark II. He loves it more than is humanly possible.

Photography Course: Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art and L. S. Raheja School of Art | Advertising Management: BILAMS (Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Science) | Commercial Art: AFA (Academy of Fine Arts) | Multimedia: Zee Interactive Learning System Ltd. jointly with Jadavpur University (MTDRC,SET) | Creative Writing in English: IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) | Graduation: Calcutta University.

Fashion /Modeling /Acting /Glamour /Commercial /Art / Conceptual Photography.
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