Pranjal Arts

Pranjal Arts

Original, handmade, Indian folk and contemporary art, Pranjal Arts is a collection of 200 paintings made by 70 different artists from across the country (India). It also provides protective and artistic face masks made by local Gwalior artists.

Birth of Pranjal Arts
Born in 2004 with an aim to promote emerging and established visual artists through art camps, art exhibitions, artist collaborations, local line movie production and arts marketing, Pranjal Arts has gone on to become a strong and warm network of visual artists across India. It is now a unique and colourful collection of paintings available for hotels, architects, interior designers, home decor organisations, and art collectors.

Pranjal art camps, Gwalior
In 2007, 2008, and 2009, Pranjal Arts held three consecutive art camps which saw a participation of 50 artists from all across the country. These three day art camps held at Scindia School, Gwalior, were a way for students to get an insight into the behind the scenes of a painting and gave the artists a chance to interact with a special audience and share their journey.

Delhi and Mumbai Exhibition Previews
Delhi saw the birth of a photographer’s first exhibition, “Holi Gestures” through Pranjal Arts. Photographer Pratik Sharma’s exhibition was inaugurated by Lt. General Dhillon and renowned photographer, Shri Amit Ashar.

In Mumbai at Jehangir Arts Gallery, the celebrated filmmaker, Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra inaugurated the senior artist, Prem Singh’s three day contemporary art exhibition.

International festival of poetry and art, mysore
Kritya, International Festival of Poetry and Art, held in Mysore was a unique collaboration between fine artists and poets, where the artists had to painting a painting on the based on a poem written by a poet they were paired.

Needless to say, the results were beautiful rainbows of art and poetry.

Pranjal Arts Presents Artistic face masks!
Washable, layered, cotton masks to brighten up your corona days. These masks are hand made by the local heritage artisans of India. Hand crafted with care, these masks will go with all your outfits and are easy to wear through out your day outside.
Stay safe. Sport an art wear.

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