Praisey Peter Art

Praisey Peter Art

Praisey Peter is a self-taught artist based in Canada whose main medium of work is oil on canvas. Her style includes traditional, abstract, realistic, impressionism, surrealism and contemporary.

Types of paintings include portraits, figure painting, landscape, waterscape, cityscape, nature and still life paintings. Her techniques include brush, dry brush and palette knife. She sometimes works with mixed media as well.

She is profoundly inspired by nature, places, music, dreams and people. Painting is her passion. It transports her to a world of colours. Colours are one of the greatest things in the world that makes life beautiful. It is her effort to create an equivalent with colour for the world - life as she sees it. Through painting, she has the ability to create what is not real and yet make it seem perfectly real. It enables her to create her secret wish of her own perfect world. It makes us realise that if the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall,we'd see the beauty of it then and stand staring in awe.

Praisey commits to delivering quality artwork and thereby ensures that the clients can connect to the theme of the painting and are ultimately delighted.

She has been practicing art since her childhood. She is currently learning new techniques and methods. She also has taken up commissioned work from clients.

Praisey has successfully established herself in the art world over the years and have sold her artworks internationally - Hyderabad & Bangalore, India, Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea, Maryland, Dallas, US and the United Kingdom.