It speeks about the self and the world. Originally i am a dancer, so i paint as a dancer, means the movment is allways present. Mother Nature is my main master. Thats why my atelier is in a remote area among the forest and the pastures, full of life with all sorts of animals and the singing birds.
Painting is a meditation, so that my hope is to create a meditative atmosphere ...
My work as an energetic therapist is also present in my paintings.
Traveling all over inspired my imaginary. The cultures, their colours and perfumes especially India are present. When you start, it's a challenge to dare to enter a virgin canvas as a guided blind , than i see were it leads...The practice of other arts langages nourishes my work, but dance is the main, as life itself is a dance...
Enjoy the voyage!



Sky Writings

Solar Winds

Spirit of the birch