Art has been with me since I was about 5 years old, I loved to draw and paint and entertain the kids in the neighborhood with my drawings. In fact, I still have a batch of my old work that I have used on greeting cards, etc.

After I married my husband, he introduced me to photography, and from that point on, we were out taking pictures of everything we could find that we thought was interesting. Eventually I was hired to take school kids photos, we had a film camera that took 1,000 pictures a roll. (That was a while back). Shortly after that period, I took the course on photography with the New York Institute of photography and after 2 years of taking it part time, I finally finished the course and received my certificate of completion. Digital came next, I was the first of my friends and husband to try it out, loved the convenience of digital. Now I am combining the photography with digital to see what interesting images I can come up with. Some of them are included on this site. I also appreciate any recommendation you can give. :)

For exercise I swim, take short walks and go to nature preserves with my husband.

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