Psychedelia Memorabilia

Psychedelia Memorabilia

As a child, I always had a creative mind and had always embraced my Gift by creating many comic books throughout the 1990s & 2000s, among many other endeavors including writing, which I will mention in this document.

In 1995 I discovered that I had a knack for writing short stories, which I do to this day. I published the very short story collection entitled "Cosmic Apocalyptic Phenomena: Morality Tales from the Untamed Cosmos," last year which includes 41 morality/space tales reminiscent of the classic Twilight Zones." More on this little book below.

As for being an Artist, that all happened in September 2010 when I had this life-changing thought (out of the blue) "Why don't I make a photo box and place small clay sculptures into it, take pictures, and then edit the pictures on my PC."

This single thought changed my life as I started my path from the creations I made then versus what I make now. It is definitely a night and day difference in styles when comparing what the old & new art looks like, although I have a certain likeness for my earlier work because it defined the creative spirit within me that drives me every day to create.

As each year has passed, the designs show a complete evolution where each year of designs gradually become different from the year that preceded it. This makes my Artchive so interesting because there is an evolution that happens each year with all of the designs I choose to edit and change into new designs.

What is very fascinating about my way of making designs is that I do not dictate what the design will look like, I let the design show me. By following this method, editing designs is nearly like Christmas because you never know what the design will look like.

I had another life-changing thought related to a short story I never got to write from 2012. Well on January 13th, 2020, I had a wild thought "Why don't I write a story where a fossil of extraterrestrial origin is discovered, rewrites the entire evolutionary record and an unforgettable adventure ensues." This was very important to me because it ended up closing the gap between 2012 writing and 2020 writing, curing my writer's block. Then on August 30, 2020, I became a published science fiction author penning the book mentioned earlier.

Nowadays, I am amidst the process of having a website developed to sell my designs where, eventually, every jpg or png in my Artchive will be available for only $10.

As I depart, I need to ask "What are the eight words?"