Lighthouse Photography

Lighthouse Photography

It's often said that "photographs don't lie...but photographers stretch the truth!" Abstract photography stretches that truth even further until the photograph becomes self-aware.

What I do is invite you into the hidden world where reality morphs into explosions of color, patterns, and memories.

I create abstract pieces from digital photographic files. When I choose a photo to work with, I begin with no preconceived notions about what the finished piece will become. By cropping, rotating, layering, and exploiting color and contrast, the image is recreated. I let the shapes, patterns, and colors dictate how they will be transformed into something either surreal or even pure design.

The photographs I use as my raw material range in subject matter from seascapes to floral to cityscapes to portraits. Everything is fair game. Everything has something interesting and beautiful that can be brought to the surface with a little coaxing.



Digital Photography-Greek Mythology

Colorful Abstractions