I’m a 40 year old father and husband and grandfather as well, I have always had an artistic side but through choices and life I was never afforded the time to pursue it. It was work work work with me. Family, soccer, football, I was always busy. Kids are are grown now and have families of their own and I’m also older and don’t want to work, all the time. I just recently started painting so I’m this gallery you will see all my paintings as I do them. I use oil paint, and gesso along with liquid clear on my paintings not all of them but some. I’m doing this in hopes that it’s never too late for a career change. I don’t take lessons and I’m doing this based on imagination and picture I take. I would like to some day become a great painter and inspire with my paintings. For now I will settle for a small business hoping I can turn this into a full time gig. I appreciate you all for visiting my gallery.

Felipe Portillo

PS. I also paint custom paintings for customers!