Differently Unique

Differently Unique


Coming out of the Wood Work so to speak..
Simply different and unique.
Creatively all round kind of Artist.
Quite reserved, shy lately have suffered with depression and anxiety, for quite few years.

First piece on canvas.. "Blue Vortex"
Hope to get interest..
But... Be a bonus if I sold this Piece..

Look deeper for a meaning..

Intrevert in social settings
However proud to say though many years of suffering/determination, I have realised creating art brings out the extrovert in me..
Determined to create more Work..

However Creating Pieces of work that I thought I lost the knack..
Could do with some more practice..
Guidance maybe some tips.
Will do as a side thing - work on my techniques.

Most work is experimental 1st time after so long.. Into abit of everything as long as it keeps my hands an fingers occupied with Creating Pieces that Would catch your eye..
Will give it ago, see how it turns out..

Will upload more soon..
Not sure I will get interests no harm in trying!