August 8, 2014 I was told I had Parkinson's Disease. My life changed but not my attitude. Parkinson's will not kill me, but I will die with Parkinson's. I decided to see things differently and as a result I saw nature with new eyes. As part of my therapy for PD I began painting. No lessons, just grabbed some oils, brushes and canvas and started painting what I saw. Most of my art work is memories of places I have actually been.

When I sell anything I have painted, I donate the profits of that sale to the Michael J Fox Foundation. This organization does a tremendous job in the field of PD research and I want to help them. Thanks for stopping by. I know I am not the greatest artist you will see today, but I love it. If you buy anything of mine from ArtPal, I will be glad to sign it.

God bless and have a wonderful day!