Poonam Choudhary, is a NY based artist. MBA in Research and Business Analytics, full time involved in Information Technology & Business management with Corporate world, Painted part time. she decided to leaves it all behind and shifted her focus to the Art world completely, which had always been a parallel interest. She had a strong interest for the art and painting at a very young age.

Her artwork incorporates different techniques and tools, from brush to palette knife.The love for bright colors is very imminent in all her paintings. Most of her work is in acrylic, oil pastel and mixed media.

Her process of making Painting is based on a specific thought for a work, The entire process involves a struggle to bring that thought on the canvas.

“ Sometimes I will finish the painting in one go, but most of the time I will spend days or weeks to complete a piece. I finish the paintings when I feel satisfied, but it’s really hard to decide though “

At this moment her complete focus is on Abstract expressionism of painting, “ I love working on Abstract art, I find a great opportunity in experimentation and that is something that I find attractive about this area of painting.”

“ I feel if you really want to be an artist never stop working. More you work, the more things you will get as an artist. just work hard.”

Thank you for viewing my work. I hope you enjoy the journey!

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