Leslie Poole Canvas Oil Paintings


My name is Leslie Poole and God has blessed me with this gift. Art gives me the opportunity to be creative and bless others. My specialty is abstract art but I'm branching out into canvas portraits. I live in New Orleans ,LA. we are known for celebrating Mardi Gras. Our culture is known for our creole cooking. Famous gumbo, seafood, music and entertainment. I was borned and raised here in the city of New Orleans. Never knew i had this gift until i went through some real hard times. I nearly lost my husband to a serious obstruction of his colon. As i spent many days and night in the hospital i began to sketch things. Asking God to keep him here. The sketching turn to painting. So this is how i started just to give you an idea of my story. I thank God that i am able to bring life into your home, offices, business. I'm also a Fashion Designer L.P. Creations.

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