Pomm Fine Art

Pomm Fine Art


Pomm moved to France to attend college and study art in Aix-en-Provence, where she fell in love with the Old World architecture. Her passion for this art is indelibly and beautifully incorporated into her signature watercolor compositions.

After college, Pomm returned to California and studied with the internationally renowned artist Scoot Moore in Laguna Beach. During this time, she created and perfected a unique style using translucent watercolors applied in many layers, allowing her to create the powerful colors, light, and shadows that capture the feel of Europe in her work. Embedded within each of Pomm's paintings is her signature "hidden apple," which marks the authenticity and exceptional quality of all her creations.

Not unlike her predecessors, Realism masters Monet and Renoir, who revolted against traditional academia by painting what they saw from within, Pomm made a similar and compelling transition in her work by painting what she "viewed from the outside and felt within" to express herself "from the inside out." This engaging transition can be felt and understood in Pomm's expressive and moving oil paintings. Although there are artists who can cross over different mediums and styles, few make the transition successfully. Pomm, however, has not only achieved it, but brilliantly excels at it. The Expressionist style presented in her oil work transcends the viewer into an emotionally heightened "outer world."

Mini-Canvas Watercolors