Pablo Martinez

Pablo Martinez

Pablo Martínez was born the 18 of January of 1986 in Montevideo, Ururguay.
Active member of CON ARTIST Collective in New York City and fellow of “Art, Letters and Numbers” organization in Averill Park, NY.

Lived in Chile for the last 3 years where he has participated in many solo and group exhibitions always supported by the Uruguayan Embassy, included "Solsticio de Verano" an art exhibition where he was chosen to represent Uruguay in the event.

At the moment he is New York where he did an art residency at Arts, letters and numbers on September of 2016 and had exhibitions at Conartist Collective Gallery and Greenpoint Gallery in New York City.

He has been awarded by the Photographic Community in the anual competition “Naturaleza.”

/// ARTWORK ///

The guideline on my work is the representation of the internal processes of the human being through the spatial context. This doesn't mean that i represent the human being as the usual form, It could be represented in different ways though geometrical forms, lines, dots, etc; the important is the essence of it.

My work shows the relationship between the human being and himself transiting through these contexts in a timeless way.
Everything is represented under some intimate dreamlike and abstract scenes; abstracts where the subject interact with the environment and how this environment affects him.

My desire is to generate in the viewer an intimate dialogue with my work, to speculate and live the stages of the experimentation.

My mediums are acrylic on canvas and digital art. Also sculpture, video and photography.