POCHTECA travels to acquire beautiful, unique items just for you. We specialize in Art and Folk Art of Mexico, like paintings, prints, ceramic art & figurines and handmade glassware. When we find museum quality Mexican Folk Art we put it up for sale.

We travel to Mexico regularly and look for new artists and artisans, making museum quality one of a kind works of art, artists like Jose Isabel and Zenon Pajarito, Juan Jose Medrano, Gerardo Ortega Lopez, Florentino Jimon Barba & others. We find vintage treasures, ceramic art, pottery from California, Tonala, China and Japan.

Recently we traveled to Mexico, visiting Guadalajara, Tonala, Tlaquepaque and Tequila. We wrote about the trip in our blog! We posted pictures of artisans, and masters of their craft; men and women who for generations have honed their skills. Their incredible works and other treasures are here to delight you.

Some Styles of ceramic art that we have are Barro Betus, Barro Canelo, Barro Brunido

The Lupita Dolls of NAJACO are one example of art as education, showing traditional rural activities. The dolls are figurines of ceramic and hand painted with amazing detail.

From Oaxaca, Mexico, Zapotec weavers Lucio Vicente and Antonieta Galan make amazing hand woven rugs & runners from 100% wool. The colors of dye are also completely natural: Red comes from Cochineal (a female insect that grows on cacti), black is created from the fermented pomegranate; blue is made from the leaves of a plant called miotle. The first dip of wool yarn into the dye will be the darkest and as the next batch of yarn is dipped, the color is diluted, the dye is lighter.

Jose Isabel Pajarito Fajardo and Zenon Pajarito Fajardo are brothers who are part of the world famous Pajarito family that for many generations have been making museum quality objects in the "Barro Canelo", Cinnamon Clay style.

Florentino Jimon Barba, Maria Rosario Jimon Barba, Fernando Jimon Melchor, are all members of another Tonala Mexico family that for generations has been producing beautiful "Barro Brunido" or Burnished Clay pieces, we have a number of their works available in our store.

"Barro Betus" or Clay Figures coated in an extract of Pine Resin, is a style describing the creation of fantastical animals, people and objects that are more surreal and imaginative than representational. Playful roosters and man/animal visions expressed vividly. In Santa Cruz de las Huertas, a neighborhood of Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico, live Juan Jose Ramos Medrano and his neighbor Gerardo Ortega Lopez, two families, whose creations have reached international fame.

Mexican mouth blown handmade glassware from Tonala, Mexico; traditional glass pitchers, glass tumblers, glass margarita glasses, glass tequila shot glasses, all made from recycled glass and arranged into glassware sets of six are available in a variety of colors.

We hope you will be captivated by the art that we have. Take it home with you.

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