Seha is building a new life away from her motherland. An artist doesn’t go with only a luggage to somewhere. An artist carries and brings everything with her; memories, essence of places and childhood dreams.

As an artist who grew up in Istanbul, she carries the spirit of different landscapes and the manifest of the different colours which come out from the same light source of the Earth.
Seha is an artist from Istanbul. She grew up in Istanbul where the smell of the sea mixes with the smell of the old spice of street markets and ancient history which shaped her understanding of art philosophy.

Seha attended Kocaeli Art School in Izmit, where she studied Fine Art Ceramics. She practiced and produced studio ceramics for numbers of years. Seha moved into practicing oil painting and illustrations.

Seha moved to London 2 years ago where is working as a freelance painter in her own studio in West London.