Boho Eclectic

Boho Eclectic

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. Art is all around us. It is every where and everything. It has form shape,image and color. When I paint I sink a part of my soul into my work I wrestle with what colors look good together.  I go to sleep by  them. Putting them in a place where I can envision my mind drifting off. I can't say I have a particular style. Sometimes bright and others dark. Art is so individualize that there is something for everyone. I thoroughly enjoy losing myself in art.
I also enjoy sharing what I have dreamed up. So please join me as I seek the visions within to share with you. 

Patricia Askew is a Native New Yorker that currently resides in the borough of Brooklyn. She was born and raised in the suburb of Queens. She has always had a love for the arts. She is a true romantic. She is an Aquarius and very much a free spirit looking for and loving and living expression through all of the arts. Patricia Askew is also an emerging artist by way of empty nest and her inborn love for the arts.

She has also found an open door to showcasing her work by joining RAW, a community of independent artist that is at present in 65 cities nationwide and in 4 countries.She took part in a group show In Manhattan. Patricia has connected with another venue and has had six of her works hung in cafés in both the boroughs of Manhattan on Seventh Ave and in Brooklyn on Ralph Ave. Just recently she was curated for a group show with Conception Events.
​Patricia was commissioned to decorate a Doctor's office in California, the beauty of the internet.