Pedro L. Gili

Pedro L. Gili

Born and living in Barcelona where I received a degree in Industrial Egineering.

My passion for photography comes from my childhood when analogical cameras and chemical processing laboratories were the usual equipment. Later, as the powerful possibilities digital photography came, I've been encouraged to add drawing techniques to my work.

I use photography as a means to document the world around me. I make pictures that call attention to things that other people overlook. This exploration of the overlooked helps me engage more deeply with where I am in space and time. My goal is to make photographs that draw viewers into the now. A focus on details keeps us in the present, it stops us from fretting on the future or regretting the past. My photographs are like a physical meditation.

My choice of subject comes from my interest in ideas about beauty, and emotional connections. I enjoy finding photographs that capture candid moments. I photograph people in their natural environment because I want to preserve a moment in time.

Regarding Digital Painting and Drawing, my work explores issues of memory, time, and the effects of both on one’s Being through the guise of painting, drawing, and installation. With these media, I channel my life experiences as well as the experiences of others to create works of art. My drawn lines and abstracted forms become my visual representations of conversations and feelings. My artwork re-presents the unseen presence that feelings pose onto actual place. By capturing these emotions in works of art they become infused in time and space; not to become stagnant, but instead, to act as a reminder of what has happened in the past. These moments become pathways for understanding the connections we share as humans with each other and with the natural world that surrounds us.

'Photography Corner' nominated my photograph entitled 'ILS Landing' as one among the best fifteen of
the month, in July 2012, obtaining finally the sixth position by the readers vote.