Brutiful Outsider Art, a Multifaceted Misa Event

Brutiful Outsider Art, a Multifaceted Misa Event

I am a multifaceted innovator and surviver of extreme trauma and the simple act of pursuing my passion, and having the courage to heal, has informed my process, and provided great resources from which to draw from, morphing difficult things, alchemically, into light and wonder. I am very grateful for my journey, and really get, that given my journey, how far I have come is a miracle.
I have a dream of one day starting "wholeness" centers to be a resource to other thrivers in need of support and opening up my private collection of hundreds of work of art and getting it out into the world is a part of this process.I am a founding contributor and organizer and creator for, I write as an indie author under the pen name of Ginger Freedom, and I also have a personal website at hope to be a good role model for other thrivers struggling and in need of hope. That is my wish. My work as an outsider artist has been exhibited in Vienna, Brooklyn, and California.


Really Raw - Really fierce

Figurative Brut and Play

Photography - dance

The Intimate Act of Journaling