I changed careers from medical technology in Boston (and Reading, PA, Texas, Tacoma, Vietnam) to freelance photography, a lifelong hobby from age 8 when I went spelunking and shooting (non-commercial) caverns in Pennsylvania with a Box brownie. That technical background was helpful with the quality portion of my photography.

I turned that meager start into a 4,200 sq ft ad agency with an in-house commercial photo studio where I earned twenty year client loyalties and a few national awards, now hidden somewhere in the garage.

Your archival print will be on Exhibition Fiber paper using the same archival inks I used as Graphics Manager for a large museum in the west that turned out to not be a relocation option for my family.

My "retirement" in the Pocono Mountains ranges from striving to make the fine art venue my final career to chasing bears away from the bird feeders. I now create imagery more suited to personal emotional impact than annual report covers. Eclectic is an inadequate descriptive for my work considering the varied environments I found myself shooting in.