Patricia W.Beukes

Patricia W.Beukes

Hi there!

My name is Patricia and I was so happy to have found this site! My art journey hasn't been a long one and has only started taking off now, reason being 5 children to pay attention to and bring up!! Now they're grown and have fled the nest so to speak, so I find I have the luxury of time once more! Having always been an avid fan of art in ALL forms, I decided to try myself and so far have found nothing more rewarding than sitting and getting creative, spending hours at a time on a piece that leaves me feeling content with life in general!! It has been an exciting yet meditative journey for me, and one I hope to continue for many years to come.

Iv'e been called on occasion the 'versatile artist' as I like to experiment with all mediums and styles. I am also on facebook if you would like to pop by to say hi! :)

Thank you for taking the time to pay a visit to my gallery!

Be blessed :)