Paul McCall

Paul McCall

Painting and drawing is something I do for the love of it, and that about sums it up.

I no longer live in Blackstone Massachusetts, I sold my home there and now live in Gloucester Virginia.
I'm a different kind of artist, I show all my work, the good, the bad, and the ugly, just as it comes out.

I study art on my own, two of my mentors are, John Singer Sargent and John Singleton Copley. Copley, was born in Boston, Massachusetts July 3, 1738. Most famous for Portraiture he was self-taught and learning that encouraged me to work hard on my own. Once in a while, I fall into a creative coma but I somehow always pull out of the dive.

My preferences are portrait painting, still life, and landscapes, though I enjoyed working with many other subjects and mediums. Oil paint is my preferred medium, but I also enjoy working with watercolor, charcoal, graphite, pen and ink, and pastels.

You can view more of my work on my website at,

Abraham Lincoln