Piya's Art

Piya's Art


Piya Shirsat is a native of Maharashtra, India. Her interest in art began in early childhood, and by the age of eight, she began painting. Piya won her first art show while still in elementary school, and by the time she was in high school, her art was being displayed and sold in local restaurants.Even her Art classroom's walls flooded with her paintings.

After high school, Piya attended the MIT on a scholarship. The year she graduated, her work was accepted by the Architecture Department,MIT for exhibit in their annual show. She received huge appreciation for her paintings and graduated in Architecture with Honours.She even topped in her entire period of her college in every semester.

Throughout her career, Piya has won numerous awards and prizes in various art shows. She has also done many commissioned works both for individual collectors and institutions, including a series of paintings for a Missionary's of Charity,Aurangabad. She held an exhibit in Germany where her Artwork was given huge appreciation,and she donated 60% of her money to Charity.Her Painting 'The Care' is considered the best painting and was sold in auction at Germany for 2.5Lakh INR in 2011.

Artist Statement:
I consider myself blessed to depict the nature and its beauty to its best with my painting skills. The amount of hardwork I put in my paintings is always worth it. Mostly, in all my paintings, one thing is common, and that is Life.
I put a huge effort only to make it more soulful and real.
At last, the true thing that inspires me and gives me hope to live are the visuals of my own paintings.
I won't be exaggerating if I would say that I personally love what I do since it gives me pleasure to express myself in art and inspire people with it.