Pistachio People

Pistachio People


My Pistachio People designs originated from Pistachio shells that I glued together from a dish of discarded shells. I got paint and varnish out and they were born. I couldn't stop creating them. Over the years I began making ceramic figurines which were really great but also were difficult to sell for a profit because of the overhead costs. I then started illustrating them and wrote my own childrens book, "Pistachio People".
Now that I have retired, I have started to rebuild my creative inspirations. They are handmade with paper and plastic clay. They are very durable and I don't have to stress about them breaking in shipping. They appeal to children and look great as decor but are fun for grown ups as well. They are not indestructible but do not shatter like ceramics and can be handled by children with care.
I hope you love them and bring you a smile and happiness. Each one is a one of a kind and not produced in mass. That is what makes them collectible.
To see the full back-story of their evolution, visit: www.ValerieMeotti.com

Pistachio Book "Achoo's New Shoes"

Gallery - Large 8" Pistachio People

Small Pistachio People 4 - 5 inch

Framed Prints