Artist Sergej Pisarenko
The decision to become an artist did not come immediately. Only at the age of 16 did I physically feel a craving for art. It happened in one moment. Since then, I have not parted with him and can not imagine my life without this revelation. I take inspiration for my work from the environment. I do the work in various techniques. Mostly watercolors, oil paints, calligraphy and pencils.
When looking for an image in a fluid environment, you need to be prepared to compromise between desire and reality. Helps with the improvisation of the moment. It's almost like hunting for the last stroke. It can be large or barely palpable. Even the inner sense requires time that is not there. A series of disappointments contributes to the fact that you will feel more acutely really what this adventure was started for. The most subtle experiences are intertwined with an explosion of emotions and are part of the picture. Uncomplicated stories are compensated by the depth of penetration.

1978-1985 studied at the Republican boarding school for music and fine arts named after I. O. Akhremchik in Minsk
I'am graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts 1994 with a degree in graphics.
2008 Member of the Union of Artists of Belarus.
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In 2015 he received two gold medals in Moscow "House of Artist" (Russia) in the categories "Painting" and "Audience Award".

2015 г. Golden International Consent Mark of Vilnius (Lithuania).
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Participant of calligraphic exhibitions in Belarus:

1995 "Litart-95", Polotsk (Polotsk Museum) Belarus.

1996 "Litart-96" Minsk (National Museum) Belarus

1997 "Litart-97" Polotsk (Polotsk Museum) Belarus

2005 "Litart-2005" Minsk (Ethnographic Museum) Belarus

1991 "Time" Krakow (Poland)

1994 "Impression aus Weißrussland" Freudenberg (Germany)

1995 "Impression aus Weißrussland" Freudenberg (Germany)

2000 "Minsk Watercolour" Personal exhibition of YSU (European Humanitarian Institute) Minsk Belarus

2002 "Who are you, our neighbours?" Braunschweig, Germany.

2003 "Impression aus Weißrussland" Freudenberg (Germany)

2005 Namur Biennale "Aquarel" (Belgium)

2014 "Mysterious Stories" National Art Museum Minsk (Belarus)

2015 "Space of Being" International Festival of Arts "Central House of Artists" Moscow (Russia)

2015 "Dialogue Painting" Art Gallery "Elysium" Vilnius (Lithuania)

2017 Personal exhibition Palace of Arts Minsk (Belarus)

2018 "Sergei Pisarenko's Borderless World" Presidential Library, Minsk (Belarus)

2019 "Winter mood" National Centre for Contemporary Art Minsk (Belarus)

2019 "Time Travel" Arthaos Gallery Minsk (Belarus)
2021"Artel" Minsk Palace of arts(Belarus)
2021 "ArtMinsk 2021" 3.9.-26.9.2021Minsk Palace of arts(Belarus)
2021 "Litart 2021" Minsk Palace of arts(Belarus)

The paintings are in the National Art Museum of Belarus, the Museum of Modern Art of Belarus, private collections in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, USA, Russia, Poland and Latvia. She works in the field of portrait, still life, landscape and narrative compositions.

Still life