He born in Bogota, Colombia 1977
1995-2003 Studies of Fine Arts
Pincelarte born in 2012 as interest in the area of ​​decoration spaces such as apartments, offices and furnishings.

Because when you find that art visually complements your space, you will love it more ... and that's what we do. Whatever your interest, your decorating style, inspiration - we are giving life and color to your site. We believe that art is dynamic, personal and connected now the world today ... buying experience simple ideas but taking customers from the moment you navigate through our site until the day of delivery of items!

Inspiration: I find inspiration in the colors and designs of modern artists and contemporary, with regard to strangers and sublime colors of the chromatic scales. Both in nature as it abstract and fascinating things happening in the architecture, design and the decorative arts. The world is full of visual mystery if you dare to look. Inspiration is everywhere.

In Pincelarte offer categories of modern and contemporary art, marketing items, decorative art for businesses, offices and homes.

We strive to investigate the various trends and feedback from customers. We participate in our business ideas of our customers.