Pierce Clark Art Giclees

Pierce Clark Art Giclees



Born in Columbus, Ohio, raised in Cincinnati, Donna now lives in Springfield, Ohio. Upon graduation from Wright State University, she began teaching Secondary Art at Fairlawn High School, in Sidney, Ohio. Personal growth as an artist, led her to watercolor, & oil painting workshops under many internationally known artists. Much like the wet-into-wet watercolor technique, she also paints Alla Prima oils. A member of Dailypaintworks.com, Donna paints and posts on this website, daily small works, updates her own website, and sends out her weekly blog and Newsletter. As well as painting professionally, teaching watercolors and oils, at the Troy Hayner Cultural Center, in Troy, Ohio. She also teaches private students in her home studio.

Artist Statement
Transparency and movement dominate both my landscapes and my still life works. Just as I am inspired by rolling hills or the movement of ocean waves, swaying tree limbs, and grasses in nature; I am motivated to paint soft folds in fabric, as they roll beneath and around the objects in a still life. When painting En Plein Air, my spiritual senses are awakened as I study shapes, colors, and changing light. Sparkling, transparent waters of my landscapes are echoed by reflections of cut glass and other objects in my still life paintings. Transparent oil and transparent watercolor pigments find their way into all of my creations. "I myself do nothing. The Holy Spirit accomplishes all through me." (William Blake)

MORE ABOUT DONNA: http://donnapierceclark.fineartstudioonline.com/about


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