Piera Design

Piera Design


Art is my happy place. Creating art transports me to a place where time slips away unnoticed. I become totally absorbed in my creative process and feel excited, content and at peace. I am excited because I am often surprised by the journey and where the creative process takes each individual piece. I feel contentment and peace because creating art gives me joy. I want the viewer to feel what I feel when I create art. I want the viewer to feeI the love I pour into my art.

My subject matter is often inspired by my background and varied life experiences. In my art you will see homage to my Italian roots - love of food, culture and wine making! You will also find depictions of nature, fashion, whimsey, and American patriotism stemming from my immigrant background and 17 years as an Air Force wife.

I started out in oils but have gravitated to working in Acrylics because of the quick drying time that allows me to keep painting! Also, love the many textures that can be incorporated to create not only visual but interesting tactile experiences. I love to see people experiencing my art with their eyes and their fingers!

Patriotic Series

Still Life