Heijdi's fantastic painted World

Heijdi's fantastic painted World


Heijdi Baumann lives in Switzerland. She has always been creatively active. In the last 20 years she has been involved with digital photography and digital photo montages. She also designs plaster figures and jewellery.
About three years ago came the initial experience that brought her to painting. She sat in her garden and her thoughts migrated to the USA, where she knows from several vacations and where she would like to live so much. As she traveled several times along the east coast and especially Florida, the picture of the lighthouse in St. Augustine soon came before her inner eye. She thought it would be so nice to have at least one picture of it in her garden so that it would give her a view of the sea. Like a view out of the window, so to speak. Since something like this cannot be bought, she made it herself. She bought wooden panels of poplar wood and acrylic paint and created her own little paradise with pictures of the sea and her favorite lighthouse in St. Augustine. In this way she created an imaginative triptychon of St. Augustine (see photo). She screwed the pictures to the garden fence and she says; "My fence now has a window to the sea".
So it all started and since then she has not let go of painting on wooden panels. When Heijdi paints and dives into her fantasy world, she clearly feels her connection with nature and wants to pass this on with her paintings.
The first pictures have been hanging in the garden since 2016 - even with ice and snow in winter - and are still beautiful. The pictures should be screwed to the fence so that the wood retains its shape. Even if the pictures are colored on the edges, it is important to protect the pictures and the edges with clear acrylic varnish. The new owner can do this very well himself, the water-based varnish is available in every home depot.
Of course, the pictures can also be provided with a frame to decorate the interior of your home.
Since these pictures cannot be rolled in contrast to a canvas, the pictures are absolutely well protected and packed and sent on their way; until now, all have arrived well and safely with their new owners.
To contact me send an email to: pictureartist@garden-art-4you.us



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