Andrei Marian Moga

Andrei Marian Moga

Born on 12.08.1985 in a small city called Beius, Bihor county, Romania, where he spent his childhood, he graduated art highschool in Oradea city, after that he follows University –domain in Landscape architecture at USAMVB Timisoara, and Painting at Fine Arts University UVT Timisoara. (other studies: Law University USH Bucuresti, Masters degree in Penal Law and Forensics at UVT Timisoara)

He practice drawing and painting since age 13, and as drawing themes he enters in many domains, like :-Static nature, Landscapes, Mythological themes, Military and historical topics, Abstract topics and reproductions of famous paintings.

He is impressed by Russian Painting ( Ivan Aivazovski) and the great revolutionaries in the Arts like Francisco de Goya or Caravaggio's chiaroscuro.

The Apprenticeship and artistic career beginnings

The Painting is part of the life of Moga Andrei, since early years, he draw and color, beeing inspired by landscapes with sinuous lines of Bihor county, and at the age of 12 he goes apprentice to a family of painters from Beius, which, over a year, he learns the secrets of painting on canvas, and all the color secrets, materials and styles. Later, at age 13, he has the first solo Exhibition of drawing and painting. He is a member of Salvati copii Timisoara association (Save the Children Romania) and Numismatics association.

In present he also works as military firefighter at ISUBanatTimisCounty.

As future plans on artistic line, He wants to exhibit paintings along his pupils in Art Galleries all over the world, and expand his school for Fine Arts,(MGA Moga Gallery Art) were he teach paint classes, visual arts, and makes all kind of artworkshops.