About AMC: Austin Maleik Collings

As a young nine year old child I have always drawn spiritual artwork pieces with many people to uniquely try to understand the spiritual articulations within it, dead straight staring at my art pieces in absolute mesmerization. That was until I reached the point of adult age when I had a very lucid mystical dream. An extraordinary dream where I was conscious in a more subconscious aware state, allowing me to wonderfully see and consciously interpret the spiritual subconscious language towards the conscious of symbols, patterns, signs and deep spiritual feelings. This information I did not hesitate to record, analysing countless dreams of such miraculous and luminous content.

​The information I now treasure in mind, on paper and ongoing in the next publication, recorded for the world to enjoy or even create their own Physi-Tual entertainment piece from the info provided in my 1st Physi-Tual information novel, (Physi-Tual, as is the physical combined with the spiritual or supernatural) I can present to the world in many great articulated ways that will continue surprise effected from eight years and continuing of lucid dreaming investigation.

​For me, in this mysterious entertainment business, it is already a magical thrill for me to express the Physi-Tual content as my spiritual side of extensively gathered research can articulate it out physically through art, so many can feel the depth of spiritual articulation I have to bring great entertainment for all and even happily create a win situation for all, as we grow great with more entertainment pieces beyond a physical limited one, that we all can sell together here, likely to even help the world economy in certain countries as I have trademarked the Physi-Tual genre & officialised it as a brand & company globally so everyone can be a part of this unique Physi-Tual cap business.​

Austin M. Collings, author, artist, lucid dreaming enthusiast and CEO of AMC Publishers / Physi-Tual genre CAP.

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