PC's Diaspora Art

PC's Diaspora Art


Patrick Hunt was born on the Island of Jamaica and immigrated to the US at the age of 13. He attended Plainfield High, in NJ and graduated at the age of 16. While attending High School he obtained recognition for his artistic talent by winning numerous awards as an Amature, Non-Professional and then as a Professional Artist in his latter years. He appeared in the Courrier News a local Union County Newspaper after winning the said awards in the early 70's and later in the later 80's and 90's.

Patrick works in Acrylics, Oils and Water Colors mainly. He also does pastel and colored pencil drawings. He is available for commissions to do Portraits, Pets, Landscapes and Murals in any medium. Patrick has been an artist from an early age and his works have been acquired, used and exhibited on numerous occasions over the years. His work was purchased by Merck, used by Harvard University for a Symposium at UMASS, and another was used by Stellenbosch University of Cape Town, South Africa.

He traveled the globe in his younger days while serving in the US Navy. While serving he lived in Hawaii for several years and also in the Philippines. He visited Hong Kong, Thailand, S. Korea, Japan, Guam, Australia, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Spain, Italy and Eastern Africa.

PCs Diaspora Art