Many feel that photography isn't an art form, and therefore should not deserve as much attention as paintings because of the relative ease of getting into photography. Whilst I do agree to a certain point, there are several points that these people fail to realize.

Anyone with an image-capturing device can get started with photography, this makes it fun and personal for everyone. Yes, you don’t need talent to take pictures, but unless your goal was to make photography your art medium, there’s nothing wrong with just snapping pictures with no concern on technicalities nor aesthetics.

I appreciate a good sketch or painting as much as anyone, but for a guy like me who has no talent for painting or drawing, there’s a huge, invisible barrier preventing me from connecting with the artists vision.

A photograph, on the other hand, allows me to imagine that I'm seeing the place through the eyes of the photographer. (It transports me there)

With digital photography, the immediate feedback connects us even faster. Camera phones, remote uploads, social media sharing all allows us to see the world as it happens and yes, even if there’s no skill involved!

Now how is that a bad thing?

Photography For Fun