Hello visitors and welcome to the world as seen through my eyes !
I am actually a professional Disc Jockey by trade. I own an Oldies internet Radio station called " BullsEye Radio ". I was involved with FM radio for a number of years, then opened my own DJ service doing nightclubs, weddings, parties, etc . . .etc. . . and all along the journey of the path there was a side hobby I always loved . . . . . .Photography !

I am now 58 years old, retired from DJ'ing for the most part, but still own the Oldies internet radio station, and get on there and do shows here and there, but I am now more involved in what used to be a hobby.

I am taking much of my free time and capturing the beauty of Upstate New York as well as the beauty that God has given us and creating canvas prints for sale, that will be sure to look beautiful in any home , office, business or anywhere you want to hang them.

This has become a part time business for me now and I am actually using the proceeds as a supplement to my living needs. I'm sure you all know that retirement doesn't give you half of what you need to just live !

Anyways I won't bore you with details about me but I will tell you I think , and have been told that I have an eye for photography. I hope that you will peruse my work and maybe find something that will "WOW" you and will become a treasured piece in your home, office or what have you.

I want to take this time to say thank you so much for visiting and if you purchased something, THANK YOU even more ! I so greatly appreciate that you appreciate my work !

I hope you all have a wonderful day . Blessings to all of you !