Phoenix Moonstar

Phoenix Moonstar

My inspiration comes in the form of dreams; teasing out the nuance of a delicately shaded feeling and inhabiting quiet spaces of intuition. This journey to my inner worlds has unearthed unanticipated peace, presence and purpose. My artwork is for lovers of the written word, readers, dreamers, seekers, poets, mystics, magik makers, healers and gardeners of the heart.

I only seek to illuminate my path by allowing full expression for all parts of the self. I seek to consistently meet myself by enticing the courage to integrate my shadow aspects. In giving a voice to the voiceless and naming the nameless; I attempt to combine the fragments into a whole.
I invite in the mysterious and unknown, make a cup of tea and surrender to All That Is. It’s all happening just as it should be. And so it is.

Lover of man
I am the dreamer
I draw down the moon
With the hands of a healer

Words seep through
My bones
Like echoes
Of ancient ether

I listen and wait
As the heart responds
Bridging two worlds
Before long
The work
Finds itself done