Phil Willetts

Phil Willetts

I have always had a real passion for his drawing and painting; I have got a real eye for attention to detail and always strives for perfection whilst adding something special to each painting. I studied at Stourbridge Art College in Birmingham before moving on to my first job as a Commercial Artist working for Longley’s and Hoffman.
My family and move down to Cornwall in the 1970s and began work building and designing yachts in Falmouth. Whilst living and working I carried on with my true passion Painting. I carried out a number of commissions and painting of all sorts for different clients.
" I paint from the heart and memories of beautiful places and people. I don’t just stick to the rules. I can do portraits or any other picture, painting you require, maybe that beautiful place you visited and you feel it should be hung in your home, so everyone can love the place as much as you do."

"I am so grateful and flattered that some of you enjoy my work as much as I do creating it." Phil Willetts

Please browse the website to get a feel of the work which is available.
You can purchase all material. If you have any questions or commission request please don't hesitate to contact me.
Hope you enjoy my art work.

Kind regards Phil Willetts



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