Philip Williams

Philip Williams

>>World renown professional Graphic Artist/Book Author with several years of experience in visual communication << ****Specializing in all custom art and digital media(web). For more details please email me at: ****

*New upcoming Books written/illustrated by Philip Williams available on Amazon*
"The Cure for Cures: AEON" (Release date: 02/05/2021)
"Phil the Pharaoh: The King that Traveled to Time" (Release date: 01/22/2022)
"The Devils Daughter in Law: The return of Apophis" (Release date: 12/1/2021)

<Children's Books>
"My Pumpkin: Always Daddy's Girl" (Release date: 06/01/2021)
"My Pumpkin: Born to be a Queen (Release date: 10/01/2021)
"Young African Prince: The power in You" (Release date: 10/1/2021)

"The Melting Pot that over Cooked:Racism Recipe) (Release date: 05/01/2022)