Philip Foss

Philip Foss

I think I always knew that I was born to pursue a career of some sort in the arts. When I was 13, a local community group raised some money and sent me to a summer art camp at the University of Arkansas. What a surprise and an honor.

Unfortunately, after receiving a poor grade for a beginning painting course in college I decided to pursue other avenues. I got myself a degree in computer science and for the next twenty years or so I had a career in computer biz. They were some good years and I don’t regret them but they offered little in the way of creativity . The pull was always there to do what I believe I was born to do - paint.

So, here I am starting all over again and loving every minute of it. Where this path will lead I haven’t the foggiest. As long as I can create some art that others enjoy and relate to then I think I will have been successful.

At any rate, I look forward to the trip.