Michael Byro has had gallery shows starting in 2016 at the Amity Gallery, Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center, The New Weis Center for Education, Arts & Recreation, the Suffern Library and the Albert Wisner Public Library in Warwick, NY. Prior to this, he won or placed in the Ringwood Manor Arts Association. He recently taught a pointillism workshop at the Warwick Library. His first impulse was recreating Neolithic cave art. These included the French cave art such as Lascaux, Chauvet and Altamira Spain. His work was featured in the magazine: The Underground Movement by the Central Connecticut Grotto. Articles showcasing his work appeared in Dirt Magazine, the West Milford Messenger and the Warwick Advertiser. He quickly became fascinated with plywood and the beautiful natural grain in the wood and incorporated that. Then he noticed Mosaics and wanted to recreate some of the artwork from Pompeii, Greece and Israel. He quickly moved on to George Seurat and wanted his “faux-aic art” to delve into pointillism. His passion is faux-aic, pointillism and a combination of the two. He wants recognizable work to be seen in a new way. He has now sold artwork all over the United States from California, Texas to Maine and Old San Juan. He has been consigned to paint business signs and other work. Locally, his work is at Alan's Falafel and The Fiesta Cancun in Sugarloaf, NY and the Asian Delicacies in Warwick. He is proud that several paintings are at the El Convento Hotel in Old San Juan. He has done the cover art for all six of Laurie Byro's poetry books. To schedule an upcoming show or purchase work please contact

Michael Byro: 973 853 6717

Night crow

Temple in winter

Old tower in a field

Sydney 1942

Deserted beach, West of Scotland