Christie Pheona Lathan Art For You

Christie Pheona Lathan Art For You

Christie Pheona Lathan is an ambitious young wife and mother, who has always been a student of her natural artistic talents, but has sacrificed her artistic development for her nursing career and family goals. When she became a Health Coach, and experienced a tremendous physical transformation, she realized that optimal health included pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional artist. She is a woman that refuses to be confined to a box and chooses to push herself forward and explore her various passions and interest. Her art is versatile and liberating. Christie enjoys painting portraits and is available for commission work. Christie prides herself in delivering high quality and intriguing pieces in record time and at an affordable price. She loves life and the creativity that lives within her! Thank you for sharing in her journey of optimal health and life! Lets be friends and connect on facebook ( and instagram (ChristiePLathan).

Abstract World

Colorful Silhouette

World Series

Mama Africa

Diverse Selection