#P Gilmore arte

#P Gilmore arte


' Engaging in the collective human search for meaning, shared history, memory, a search in the dark, until the end when it is done when something has occurred a pitch reached, harmony in a way that gives simple pleasure through beauty" ......................................

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A multidisciplinary artist from Ireland who has lived on the European continent since 1998, learning first hand from the immense visual culture of Spain, France, Italy and Holland. Residing for many years in Barcelona, more recently in Montpellier southern France.

P's eclectic primal artworks combine real world experiences of living in different countries and extensive travel to inform the search for nuggets of beauty in the chaos of Modernity. His distinct style of applying paint in a primitive but painterly manner has evolved over a 30 year period of ongoing experimentation with paints, pigments and media of all sorts. What may look like hazard is in fact a honed and carefully considered result of years of familiarity with the media, combined with real world experience of life love hardship,

Artworks from P have been Included in thematic Saatchi collections and are collected by individuals and Companies in Barcelona, London, Paris, New York, Dublin, Ireland, USA, UK, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Italy, China and Hungary to date.

For more detailed views of Artwork go to https://www.artfinder.com/pearse