William Pfahl-Fine Art

William Pfahl-Fine Art


I AM A PLEIN AIR PAINTER utilizing oil and pastel. I am a long time member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP) and am represented by Panza Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I AM INSPIRED by direct observation and the plein air process. I enjoy playing with color and composition within the framework of linear perspective. In addition to painting plein air cityscapes, I regularly paint 3 hour sessions of both the figure and portrait. By drawing and painting the figure I hope to continue building a strong foundation that can help me have confidence to be a better improviser and editor. In other words, I like to paint what I see and I enjoy the magic of creating the illusion of 3-D on a 2-D surface.

I TEACH summer Painting Workshops to teens and Pastel Painting Classes to adults at the Touchstone Center for Crafts. I have been teaching with Touchstone since 2007, and previously taught Middle + High School Visual Arts in the Pittsburgh Public School system for 12 years. In addition, I was the guest Pastels Instructor at La Roche College for Instructor Ron Donoughe.

Previous Education:
BFA - Rhode Island School of Design - RISD - Providence, RI
European Honors Program - RISD - Rome, Italy
NYS Arts Education - Elmira College - Elmira, New York

City Landscapes - Oils