Petro Antyp`s Gallery

Petro Antyp`s Gallery

They say that the future is always hidden in the past. This idea is very close to me, so I am persistent in studying the global, European and Ukrainian history. The beginning determines the system of coordinates for the whole development process. The study of primary sources makes us understand the reality and historical perspectives of humanity and nations.
Actually, we are living in the future now, though have not realized it. The world around us differs drastically from the one we were borne and grown up in. We are living in the transition time, where the old model of humanity is over, while the new one has not been formed yet. I am interested in this crisis state of mind, when a human is trying to perceive the today’s metamorphoses of civilization.


Born on April 4, 1959, in Horlivka (Donetsk Region, Eastern Ukraine).
1980 – 1984 – study at Penza College for Fine Arts, Russia.
1989 – member of Ukraine’s National Artists Union.
1990 – scholarship of the USSR Artists Union.
2009 – Distinguished Artist of Ukraine title.
Live and work in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Selected Exhibitions

2015 – On the Horizon of Times project. Tenth Art-Kyiv Contemporary,
Mystetsky Arsenal, Kyiv.
Ukrainian Modernists exposition, Art Kafedra Gallery, Lutsk.
Donetsk Culture – Earth’s Depths national forum, Lviv
Grand Sculptural Salon, Mystetsky Arsenal, Kyiv.
2014 – Personal Exposition at АВС Art Gallery, Kyiv.
Another Donbas project, Ninth Art-Kyiv Contemporary, Mystetsky
Arsenal, Kyiv.
All-Ukraine Sculpture triennale, Kyiv.
2012 – Lviv – 2012 project, Lviv Arts Palace
2011 – Grand Sculptural Salon, Mystetsky Arsenal, Kyiv.
Personal exposition at Donetsk Regional Art Museum.
2009 – De Profundis Signposts of Ukrainian Plastic Arts, Mystetsky Arsenal,
Personal exposition at Horlivka Regional Art Museum.
2008 – Oleksandr Diachenko and Petro Antyp .Special project for Art
Ukraine magazine. Acco International exposition hall, Kyiv.