Hello there, I'm Petrina i am irish ,living in Toronto Canada at the moment. I've moved around a little from Ireland to Manchester UK, to Washington DC ,now Canada, where to next???I have always been creative and loved colour. My journey started with design, I was a ladies fashion designer for many years traveling around the world selecting fabric for the many companies I designed for. Branching into interior design was my next step,after passing the exams with distinction I started flipping houses,which was so exciting the transformations were fantastic to see,a lot of blood (banging fingers with hammmers)sweat and tears went with the houses.We moved to the USA where costume jewellery took my eye and I started to recycle people's unloved pieces into new again 'Arisagain ' I couldn't take the collection with me when we moved to Canada it was only meant to the a short stay, who knew what would happen to the world. I found paint !! Fell in love with acrylic paint, I'm asked 'what is your style ' well i dont have one but colour is my style it can put a smile on your face or a tear in your eye its magic.

white iris

Chakra art,"The chakra Girls '


All sorts


Butterfly fly