Art by Peter Koschak, CH, SLO

Art by Peter Koschak, CH, SLO

Koschak’s „Tibetan prayer flags“ in Lhasa

The paintings of Peter Koschak, which are exhibited in the Gedun Choephel Gallery in Lhasa, Tibet, bears the form of Tibetan prayer flags and radiates light, cheerfulness, hope and courage.
Prayer flags (tib: rlung rta, english: wind horses) can be found on all mountain passes and mountain peaks in the Himalayas and the adjoining plateaus. Usually they are blue, white, red, green and yellow from the left to the right, with about the same meanings as we know them in the western world. The number five is of great importance in Tibetan Buddhism, it symbolises the four cardinal points and their mystical centre. The flags often bear the Tibetan mantra “om mani padme hum”. The Tibetans believe that the wind carries this mantra, to bring happiness and peace to all feeling beings on earth.

Koschak’s art is revolving around this transcendental element. His abstract work shows spatula effects, surprising use of the painting brush with overleaps and colour gaps. In other words every possible technique found in the abstract art. At the first glance, one could find a meditative balance, but the artist always breaks up the too pristine peacefulness. That way he alludes to a fictive space, which seems to be incomprehensible for human rationalism, yet it is the source of an ever-changing process, which gives depth and soul to Koschak’s artwork, and knows no boundaries, especially no geographical ones.

That way Koschak’s art is related to the one of the Tibetan artist Gedund Choephel (1903-1951). This great intellectual and art mentor tried to evolve local Tibetan art in the years of 1920 until after 1930. But not everyone was on his side, since back then and even today, tradition, ancient culture and religion are omnipresent. This is why not only artwork of Tibetan, Chinese and international temporary art is shown, but also tea, yak wool and butter is sold. And now Koschak’s “prayer flag paintings” are hanging in the scented air of Lhasa, where the worshippers burn juniper berries in the surrounding ovens. This proves once again that Art knows no borders.

Autor: Ernst Hofmann Interlaken, Art Journsalist

Koschak at the Louvre in Paris

Peter Koschak, who lives in Interlaken, Switzerland, shows his art work at the art exhibition at Carrousel du Louvre, Rue de Rivoli 99 in Paris.
He shows his abstract acrylic paintings for the second time to the french and international audience. The internationally known sculpteur and painter, lives and works since forty years in Interlaken, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.

Text: Berner Oberländer, Interlaken, Switzerland

Sensuous, poetic and multi-dimensional

Artist Peter Koschak, Interlaken, Switzerland, exhibits in Rotterdam

Koschak has made a name for himself with his colourful and expressive acrylic paintings. He will be exhibiting his work in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam.
The study and perception of reality and humankind is often the first step on the path to artistic expression with a creative trademark style. This is the path self-taught Interlaken artist Peter Koschak has been following and is following still. His continuous engagement with his own perspective and its artistic expression shapes the way in which his style evolves. Peter Koschak will be exhibiting his acrylic paintings at the «Art Rotterdam» from October 29th to 31th. The essence of Koschak's work is strong colour and the use of the palette-knife technique. Expressive, expansive and yet figuratively structured, his paintings display a canon of colour that creates a vision on the canvas, such as in the painting «Kain and Abel».

Tex: Veronica Brunner, Jungfrau Zeitung, Interlaken, Switzerland

Exhibitions made in; London, Paris, Rotterdam, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Geneve, Zurich, Strassbourg, Colmar, Baden Baden, Lhasa Tibet, Kathmandu Nepal, Berlin and New York.