Peter Ghetu Studio

Peter Ghetu Studio

Artist Statement:
Peter Ghetu
I am a self-taught Romanian/American artist based in Romania, producing Art works since 1970.
Skills: Artist Painter
Digital Painter
I work primarily in: Painting oil on stretched canvas, Digital Painting, Photography and Paint, in oil colors on reverse glass.(The technique of reverse painting on glass is created by painting onto one side of glass and then viewed,through the glass).

I have participated in solo exhibits in Romania as well as group exhibits in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Romania,Switzerland, Sweden,
and Bulgaria where I was awarded third place in 1979. My paintings are mentioned in World Encyclopedia of Naive Art (Bihalji-Merlin &
Tomasevic, 1984). Some of my artworks is sold to private collections in U.S., Romania, Sweden, Germany, etc.

Through the medium of Paint, Photography and Digital Paint, I seek to use color, texture, and form to create a visually stimulating image.

In all my original art creation work I use the opportunity to experiment with color, spontaneity and chance.

The goal of my work is to utilize various paintings technics harmonies on different surface to visually engage the audience.

Thank you all for supporting my work.
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