If the human experience is all about connection, Jillian naturally paints an emotional picture of the subconscious that ties us together. In a world of high-tech disconnection, her artistry evokes the spirit to move closer to a deeper level of self.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Jillian was encouraged to play in her passion for art in various forms. As a self-taught creator, she spent the last twelve years studying and finding her voice as a contemporary visual artist, with a focus on abstract art mainly working with acrylic, ink and charcoal. After obtaining a degree in Liberal Arts, she explored her craft deeper when she relocated to Chicago, IL. These studies included painting, drawing, sketching, photography and graphic design, though she considers no medium off limits.

Her artistic approach is inspired by philosophical studies of Carl G. Jung, Pablo Piccasso, Salvador Dali, Surrealism, Surrealist Movements, Zen Buddhism, various forms of spirituality, religion and a multitude of lectures from Alan Watts.

Today you can find Jillian creating, cuddling her dog and connecting with her clients in the Pilates studio to fuel her fire for art and humanity.

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