Perpetual Bloom

Perpetual Bloom

Greetings and welcome fellow art lovers!

First and foremost, I sincerely thank you for coming to peruse my gallery!!

All the works you find here are original and one-of-a-kind; I never make the same thing twice. Born from my heart's yearnings or my mind's wanderings and often times, a mix of both, each piece is a treasure of emotions and experiences brought to life through the magical mystical process of art. Sometimes, in the midst of releasing my own energies, I will find myself aligned with some other person or collective occurrence happening elsewhere in the world. In these instances the title may reflect that person, place or event. Some finished products are nameless and without description because words would not express what color and form often can. This is always subject to change as is a piece itself because the revelation of expansion and expression is a perpetually blooming one indeed. When a title or description is available, it will be included.

The mediums I tend to prefer are paint, pencils and things often viewed by others as oddball or riffraff. I love to make "something out of nothing" (a repurposing queen, if you will). I love to sketch, paint, build, sculpt, glue, sew, etc. my way to the next cool creation. Nothing is off limits (including poetry) so there is no telling what will manifest!

I trust you will enjoy, in joy, your visit! Cheers to you and your collection and I THANK YOU FERVENTLY for making a purchase while you are here!!


Drawn In...Drawn Out